Why You Should Take A Fascia More Seriously

Fascia blasting

Fascia blasting is one of those alternative measures in reducing pain and minimizing cellulite. As you have already known by now, the body has this lining that separates the organs, muscles, and the skin. Its called a fascia. It holds everything together in its layer and it also acts as a conductor of signals that are channeled in the various parts of the body. Based on its definition, no one would think otherwise that this is also one of those things that makes people unhealthy.

It’s not that surprising to know that many people don’t know that some of their health problems are actually related to their fascia. Because most doctors don’t as well (if not all). That’s why its a bit hard to believe that a person by the name of Ashley Black, a person that has no medical background would discover that the fascia can indeed affect you.

Why the fascia: The thing about the fascia is that it’s a soft tissue, it’s not fat, its made up of collagen, fibrous connective tissues and so on, depending on what type of fascia it is. Although it’s stretchable, it’s not all flexible. Most people think that their discomfort and stiffening is because of their muscles, not knowing that a fascia can also be a factor to that. It can be a simple discomfort to a debilitating one that can even go as high as a pain scale of 10. That’s why its highly advised that if there is a discomfort that you feel, and it affects your ADL (activities of daily living), its highly advised that you seek medical attention.

highly specialized massaging device

Fascia blasting: Fascia blasting was devised by Ashley Black, basically is a way of massaging one’s own muscles (affected areas) to stretch the fascia, massages it that relieves pain and even moved the cellulite to make the massaged part firmer. It uses a highly specialized massaging device called a fascia blaster and it can be done anywhere and any time. In fact, the process is very simple and cheap that doing it often can actually save you a few trips to the doctor, prevent further injuries, help relieve pain and make the body have shaped and firmer.

The fascia is probably one of the most underrated parts of the body. Simply because it can easily be set aside not realizing that if it’s not healthy can actually cause discomfort just like what Ashley Black experienced. She opened up the fact that the fascia is actually more important than most people think, including the medical professionals. If she never realized this she would have never been able to recover and share what she had discovered.