Got7, the dream boys of K-Pop fans since 2014

Got7, the dream boys of K-Pop fans since 2014

Being a K-Pop fan doesn’t mean that you need to know all of the K-Pop bands out there but surely, you have heard of Got7. They are one of the most successful K-Pop all-boy group that have been around since 2014 already. This means that they have influenced a lot of people in a good way through their many songs that will make you smile right away. Getting to know the K-Pop Got7 members is like reading an open book because they have nothing to hide and they have shared all of their talents already.

Got7 is composed of 7 members and they are JB, Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom. Even though it took a while for them to get together, JYP Entertainment formed then and they were announced on January 1, 2014. They are not the first boy band that JYP formed because 2PM is the first. Both are equally great and they share the same passion which is dancing and singing. Performing for their many fans is their whole life.

K-Pop Got7 members

How they got their fame and fortune

Shortly after their announcement, they released their first EP called Got It? on January 20, 2014. The album got the number one spot on Billboard’s World Albums Chart and number 2 on the Gaon Album Chart. After it’s widespread fame, they released their second EP called Got Love on June 23, just 5 months after the first EP was released. On this EP, they changed their vibe from using a martial artists dance style, to a bright and cheerful perspective.

“Identify” and Japan Tour

Identify is their first full-length album which was released on November 2014 and they also released a music video with it for its title track called “Stop Stop It”. what makes this album so legendary is it topped Gaon’s Weekly Album Sales Chart in its first week of release and the title track “Stop Stop It” became number four on Billboard’s World Digital Songs Chart. After a month, Got7 got their first tour in Japan called “GOT7 first Japan tour 2014” and made their debut with their single “Around the World”.

Their very own web drama: Dream Knight

They starred in their own web drama called Dream Knight on January 2015 and they garnered a lot of awards including “Best Drama Award”, “Best Director Award” and “Rising Star Award”. Their leading female actress is Song Ha-yoon. It has almost 13 million hits which means this was a very hot topic in South Korea during that time.

This group of boys have had their fair share of trials that would have been nothing if it weren’t for their perseverance and support of their fans. Git7 really have travelled a long way for them to get to where they are. A true Got7 fan knows that.