What you need to know about kitchen racks

donut racks

The dunnage rackadds color, decoration and flavor to any kitchen. These spice containers and jars can be properly placed on one of these racks. They allow you to keep spices in an organized place so that spice jars don’t clutter up your kitchen counter or cabinets. It also provides the opportunity to experiment and experiment with home cooking. They come in a variety of materials and styles, but the function of these racks remains the same.


Spices were first discovered in the early 50,000s. C. E. By 2000 a. C. E. Trade flourished in the Middle East and popular spices at the time included pepper and cinnamon. The initial use was often for medicinal purposes, and many doctors were convinced that spices were the best medicine for certain diseases. Shortly thereafter, the use of spices expanded and they began to be used in religion, magic, traditional ceremonies, and as canned food. Experts conclude that the invention took place in 1000 BC. C. probably constructed of wood for spice containers and spice jars. These shelves would be used as storage space and not to decorate your kitchen. However, in the 21st century, spice stands have become a decorative element of the kitchen.

 donut racks

Functional goals

Kitchen shelves have two uses. The functional purpose is primarily for cooking, while the decorative is to give the kitchen an aesthetic look. Homeowners who like to have an exotic collection of spices like seasonings and herbs on hand will find wall-mounted dunnage rack useful for the kitchen. You can add spices to a variety of foods, including beef, poultry, pasta, pizza, and salads, whether the recipe is from the internet or from a complex cookbook. They come in a variety of styles including spice stands, cabinet door versions, and door fixing options.

Types of spice storage

Many materials are used, such as metal (wire, tin, and steel), wood (cherry, maple, and oak), and acrylic. Contemporary designs include hanging styles, pyramid styles, magnetic spice racks, drawers, and wall shelves. They can be tailored to your kitchen needs, but many of these shelves are pre-made and can be purchased at your local store for an affordable price.