Metric flat washers – an overview

Metric flat washers

As we all know different types of fastener are used in day to day life. The flat washers are considered to be one among them. Especially the usage of metric washers is considered to be endless. They are nothing but one among the different types of washers available in the market. This article can be considered as an overview through which one can understand about the metric flat washers in better.

flat washers


While considering these washers they are made up of different types of materials. The usage and cost of the washer will get varied based on the material in which they are made. The stainless steel 18-8 is the most common type of grade which is used for general purposes. This kind of washers is also denoted as A-2. People who want to use the flat washers in a highly corrosive environment can prefer to choose A-4 stainless steel. They are also mentioned as stainless steel 316. Basically this kind of washers will be used in the environment which is often exposed to salt water and chlorine. The next material which has moderate corrosive resistance is zinc plated steel. People who need a mirror like finish can prefer to choose chrome plated steel. And the other type of material which is considered to be corrosive resistance is the fastener which is made up of nylon. They are denoted as nylon 6/6.

Online service

People who need any kind of metric flat washers can easily order them through the online service. While considering the manufacturers in online market, they can quite easy to approach and the most appropriate type of washers can be chosen without any constraint. Obviously while shopping these flat washers in bulk from the online market, one can avail greater discount.