What are the Different Types of Exercise Bikes

What are the Different Types of Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes are great equipment to do cardio workouts. They generally build the muscles of your lower body. However, these days you can also find bikes which are designed to work out your upper body muscles too. You can also shop used fitness equipment from online stores or sports centers.

Exercise bikes are a great option for you if you love cycling but in the comfort of your own home. Before buying the equipment, you need to know the types available in the market.

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Exercise Bike Types

  • Indoor cycles- These resemble that of your very own riding bike. They are composed of a pedaling system which runs on chains. They do not have the computerized components, so you cannot measure your heartbeat or how much distance you have covered.
  • Recumbent stationary exercise bike- These type of bikes are a bit of a costly affair. However, if you want something comfortable, you can purchase these bikes. They offer comfortable seating with computerized components so that you can measure your progress.
  • Upright stationary exercise bikes- These are the traditional bicycle models which are very much in demand each year. They have the look of a typical bicycle. They do not have modern computerized mechanics, but you can adjust the resistance. If you are typically looking for something for your lower body workout, the upright stationary bike could be your best choice. You can also shop used fitness equipment in the stores.
  • Dual action stationary exercise bikes- These type of bikes are similar to elliptical trainers. They offer full body workout. The handlebars help to train your arms and biceps and constant pedaling works out your lower body muscles.

Before buying any equipment, you need to have proper knowledge about its functions. You should buy gym equipment based on your priority and requirement.