The ECG service at cardio care


An electrocardiogram is used for the determination and detection of abnormal Heart rhythm and this is called arrhythmias. So, in this case, if an individual finds any issues which are related to the rhythm of the heart then he/she can take up the consultation with the cardiologist who will thereby recommend the cardio care ECG service which is a simple and quick procedure.

The best procedure to learn the heart function

The procedure of electrocardiogram which is called either ECG or ECG is performed by a cardiovascular technician or a medical assistant. This is the quickest way for finding the electrical system of the heart ‘s function. This is the probable way of finding whether the patient has evidence of heart attack whether he or she is having arrhythmia or any kind of issue with the heart structure.

 The performance of this electrocardiogram requires the electrode stickers which will be put on the patient’s chest so as to catch the electrical impulses of the patient’s heart. The first and foremost thing is the preparation of the patient wherein the patient has to wear the outfit which is provided at the Centre. Then the patient is laid flat and the stickers will be placed on the chest of the patient. Then they are attached to the computer system through wires and the electrocardiogram of your heart is captured.

This is a very simple and quick process and takes only a minute. And this is one of the painless procedures for finding heart functionality. At cardio care, this electrocardiogram is performed by professionals and experts with perfection and will be providing the appropriate results. And no need to worry regarding the cost of this procedure as most insurers will be covered.

You can contact the insurance company prior regarding the coverage and in case of any kind of doubts or queries regarding this transaction for electrocardiogram you can check with the billing department in the Centre. The results will be provided with the follow up to the cardiologist and further discussion will be made regarding the results and in case if there is an abnormal heartbeat that is arrhythmia then there are more tests to be done as it is one of the evidence of cardiac arrest or a heart attack.


The electrical activity of the heart is recorded and the information is provided to the patients. This generally happens due to hypertension or high blood pressure. So proper care for the heart is necessary, and this can be done by the professionals and experts in cardiology at cardio care.