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Best Motion Control Products

If you are in need of high-quality electric motors, then you need to get in touch with ARC Systems, Inc. they have the best design and products with 100% outstanding precision. With ARC Systems, manufacturing has come a long way. They have specialists who have been creating high-quality electric motors, brushless motors, and also AC motors needed for the aerospace industry.

ARC Motion Control System

          Companies have increased the market share by maintaining continuous innovation with the design and development of electric motors. If you are interested, you can visit their website and get a quote. Here is the top of the line products that they can offer.

The ARC Motion Control System

The ARC Systems have the know-how when it comes to motion control systems. They are proven to have the best designs and the ability to manufacture, qualify and deliver high-performance solutions to different industries all around the world. The Motion Control Systems are reliable devices with a long lifespan even under tough industrial conditions.

The ARC Systems, Inc Products

This company is known as their top of the line products. Because of their experience in this industry, they know what their customer needs are. This is why they continue to innovate on these different aspects. Here are some of the products that ARC Systems, Inc are famous for.

  • Brushless DC. The Brushless DC lack the brushes that will wear out in the long run. ARC Systems manufacture a three-phase brushless DC motors in delta winding configurations, and also with class H insulation. The company has the experience when it comes to brushless DC for aerospace, medical, petroleum and also oil drilling applications. So they know exactly what you need.
  • AC Induction. The company offers the single phase and the three-phase induction motors that meet the needs of their clients. These motors, also called “workhorse” motors are used in high demand and heavy-duty applications like the aerospace and defense systems and vehicles. This is also used in different elevators, railroad, hydraulics, pump, petroleum and also oil drilling equipment.
  • Motor Tachometer Generators. The company designs and also manufactures Precision Motor Generators used by the military, aerospace and commercial industries. These AC generators are important in a closed-loop feedback control system. These devices correct the performance of every mechanism through error-sensing feedback.
  • Freight Elevator. The ARC Systems are known to create high-quality freight door motors and also freight gate motors since the early 70’s. Up to this day, they are the leading manufacturer all throughout the world. They have two-speed door motors, cam motors, high and low torque gate motors, and also single speed small door motors.
  • Aerospace. The motors that are used in defense and aerospace applications will require the correct combination of materials coupled with precision engineering for reliable performance. These should be designed accurately since this will be operating on the highly demanding conditions through air, land, and sea. ARC Systems have the best military and aerospace motors which is part of their broad selection of electronic motion control systems.
  • Rotor Casings. The company offers world-class squirrel cage rotor castings which are available as raw or machined on the shaft. This technique will let the custom fabricated AC rotors to be manufactured using different kinds of alloys. ARC Systems have the vacuum impregnation, precision bonding, and multi-helix angle skewing. This will be a low-cost solution for the industrial rotor casting needs.

Why Choose The ARC Systems?

ARC Systems has a very strong relationship with their customers and engineers. The management always makes it a point to educate all of their personnel who are involved in the continuous improvement and problem-solving facets of the company. This relationship will eventually translate to technical awareness for the ability to produce optimum solutions which can help achieve customer satisfaction.