The NPA came into existence to educate varied well wishers and support pillars and help police department achieve their goals and to bring localized awareness to the anti-police efforts. The non-profit organization is a mission to help the members in law enforcement. It helps in bringing both the national and local awareness to be precise. To highlight abuses the law is used as method by anti-police elected officials to seek corrective actions and change behavior. The law enforcement officers do their job by educating the public on police techniques and they generate community support for the Law enforcement. The National Police Association is used advance a mission of combating the influence of anti-police activists. The organizations had solicited donations in some states and it is well-aware there are many individuals in and around law enforcement. The police officer in danger is incredible risk for law enforcement professionals. They have not yet developed an specific algorithm to estimate the impact of type of service, and it is not reasonable to expect the non-profit to measure the impact of its primary activities.


Generally, ‘National police association’ does not donate the money to police departments, they estimate the cost to show how law enforcement is supported. They spent more than $217,000 in its first year, which is twice more than they receive in the donation. They are spending only 25 percent in program activities. According to the national law enforcement officers memorial a total of 1511 law enforcement officers died at the time of duty. It has filled with everything during the holidays to commenting on criminal justice issues, while raising donations with the implication its directly supporting local police. A non-profit management professor received the tax document and said its difficult using only one year of information to assess a non-profit spending behavior. The police association uses a third-party to conduct fundraising and has been advised through third-party fundraising company and also it does not solicit funds on behalf of local police departments. Police association is portrayed as experts on criminal justice policy and as an advocate for local law enforcement, its unknown to police officials. They provide tools to local law enforcement to conserve the legal methodologies law enforcement officers need to efficiently do their job, by enlightening police techniques like pro-active policy in building supports for community for law enforcement and by carrying out programs morale boosting.