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Alexei Orlov

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Alexei Orlov, the prior international CEO of Omnicom advertising bureau RAPP, resigned from his post this summer amid a discrimination suit brought against him from the organization’s former US president, has blogged about his expertise.

Orlov resigned in June. A month later, RAPP USA president Greg Anderson filed a lawsuit accusing him of “harassment,” wrongful termination, and “discriminatory animus against women and various ethnic and racial groups.” RAPP’s attorneys denied the “outrageous” allegations, saying the accusations of Alexei Orlov behavior were” gross mischaracterizations.” The situation isn’t yet closed. Orlov was writing about his experience on his site and website, which was seen by Agency Spy. The web site rankings itself as “Ideas of the lifetime of the business of life.”

Alexei Orlov celebrates milestone of success

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In a single September blog entry, titled “Think quickly, but respond attentively,” Orlov seems to reflect on the litigation along with his death from RAPP:

“A number of you who know me well are waiting and have been waiting for me to respond to certain things which have occurred in my lifetime in the past twenty couple months. However, I have chosen rather to reflect and in the ideal minute to reply in a means which is both considered, responsible and thoughtful.”

Orlov now functions as an adviser to the international CEO in Omnicom’s DAS group of businesses. Marco Scognamiglio substituted Orlov as RAPP global leader executive. Alexei Orlov has attracted countless such minutes  much less dreadful, thankfully out of his life and composed them into tales. He maintains two sites titled the Company of Life and the Life of Business, which center on his experiences past and inside the office. The content he writes are considerate, emotional, as well as complicated. All told, they offer an unconventional perspective on the company: one that’s concerned with and also in contact with the emotional characteristics of life.