Pro gamer communities in Korea

Korea’s gaming community is the fifth largest in the world to have “pro gamers” and third largest in Asia-Pacific. Online Gaming has become a culture in Korean society with more than 50% of the population and named it as e-games capital.

Gaming is considered as a social activity among the Korean society. Most of the times, gaming activities are performed outside of the house, in local gaming centres which they call it as “PC bangs.” In Korea, these gaming centres act as a community where patrons will pay an hourly fee to play multiplayer games.

Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games

Koreans use Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG) and have some billion-dollar revenue in this category of games which outpaces all other gaming app categories. An MMORPG is a form of online games in which unlimited players are represented as online avatars.

Most of them in the Korean society prefer to play locally-produced games. Popular games like Net marble and Nexon which are successful in engaging the users by offering free gaming options initially and moving ahead with the paid option for customising the user’s gaming experience.

The games which top the list in the Korean gaming communities are League of Legends, Over watch, and Sudden Attack. These games success rate demonstrates the potential for paid games in the market which is majorly dominated by free games online or on mobile.

Most of the International events like G-star is organised in Korea which attracts the visitors or players from all over the world. All the sectors in gaming industry like online, VR, mobile, video, PC, console, indie, board and arcade gaming participate in these events. International communities of the gaming industry from players, publishers, and media to the investors attend these events to share their views and improve their respective businesses.