How to earn Robux

How to earn Robux

An online game creation platform which allows its users to play a wide variety of games created by the other users or developer besides allowing you to design your own games is Roblox. The response was overwhelming great after the launch of the game by its developers in the year of 2006. All the experiences and games are created by the players themselves in the roblox.

Once the account is created with the chosen username, you are ready to play the roblox game. Given an option to customize your avatar clothing and being the part of builder’s club will even allow you to create items which in turn will help you to earn robux through selling them.

Robux being the primary (virtual) currency of the game can be used for various purposes like upgrading tools and much more. It can also be used to purchase more avatar accessories, sometimes additional abilities also. The more Robux you earn you will get more fun as they were used to purchase stuff and technology.

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Earning Robux in the game is not easy.Even though you can buy Robux which is costly affair, earning them is suggested as you will get to learn new things by doing some work.

Few ways to earn them are:

You need to first purchase Builder’s Club membership and by using that platform you can trade with others like Sell pants or shirts, so you need to be creative and give attractive offers.


You can also earn money by reporting about people who are violating the rules but there are limitations on number of reports per day.

If you are creative, then you can get hired by someone for designing and earn from that based on their requirement.

Builders Club(BC) members get 70% of profit when selling, while the non Builders Club will get 10%.BC members receive daily Robux stipend.