Points and things to be taken care while buying second hand cars

Buying a second hand car is entirely different from buying a brand new car. While buying a new one, we will check normally about the model, mileage and special features, there are lot of things to be checked before buying a second hand car. While the visual inspection may reveal few things, it is not always a conclusive one and need more than visual inspection.

Checklist of things to be done before buying

Once you have made up mind to buy mercedes service in montclair you first need to prepare the checklist of things that has to be checked and confirmed before buying the car. First you need to get car identification number or VIN, you can run the car history from lot of the websites which are available in the internet. If the person is not ready to provide the VIN details, then think twice before proceeding further.

With the help of the mechanic, check the car thoroughly as they will know the condition of the car better than most of us. They will say which parts has been replaced and which are not in good condition but not replaced and you may need to replace before you can use the car. Once it is done, check the history of car insurance. Also you need to check other things such as emission check. While running down the car history will reveal all details including any adjustment in the odometer, you need to check few finer points while test driving only.

Choose the convenient time ensure it be day light time so that you will be comfortable. Ensure to check in the time you most likely to drive around so that you can check all finer points. Most important thing to be checked is the Car title. If the car does not have any finance or loan pending, then the dealer should have the title. In case of the individual, you can check with the lender about the pending payments and other issues related to finance.

Also, check with various finance companies, if they will be funding in case you want to take the car with finance. It will be easy for you to manage if you go for higher end cars with finance option so that you don’t need to shell out huge amount in a single go. Final thing to be checked is whether the car is under the manufacturer’s warranty. The title Certified used car means it is covered under the manufacturer warranty but still confirm that since some people use the third party warranty to denote that term. General thing is that if the car is beyond 4 years old it may not be under the manufacturer’s warranty.