How to make your own trail mix at home?

own trail mix at home

Trail mix can be an extremely healthy snack full of antioxidants, good fats, and fiber. The term trail mix is a loosely defined mixture of dried fruits, nuts and sometimes other ingredients. You can get it from the grocery stores near you.

Making trail mixes can be fun and easy, especially for your kids. In fact, a large number of trail mixes on the market today are child friendly and are very healthy for you. There are many variations on this delicious blend and there are lots of fun ways to make it nutritious and good for the whole family.

healthy trail mix snack recipe

Ingredients for the healthy trail mix snack recipe – There are three basic types you can use namely:

  • Dried fruits – They are fruit from which the majority of the original water content has been removed. They contain many nutrients found in fresh fruit. They taste slightly different from their fresh counterparts. If possible, get dried fruits that do not contain sugar. You need to pick one or two of your favorite dried fruits.
  • Nuts – A nut is a fruit made of an inedible hard shell and an edible seed. Nuts are rich in healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, fiber, antioxidants, and proteins. You need to choose two varieties of unsalted and raw nuts to enhance healthiness.
  • Sweets – Adding some sweets makes the mixture more satisfying to eat. When you have a craving for something sweet, you can grab some trail mix like dark chocolate chips which are a great choice as they are packed with antioxidants and have low sugar content.

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl to eat and after having, store it in an airtight container. You can experiment with many different combinations of these three ingredients to find what you like.

Simple Steps to Make a Yummy and Healthy Trail Mix

Yummy and Healthy Trail Mix

Who doesn’t love cardamom trail mix?

Trail mix is a healthy snack that is loaded with healthy fats and nutrients from nuts and dried fruits. Most of the kids loves trail mix because they can add their favorite foods on it like chocolate chips, bits of caramel cookies, M&M’s, chocolate-coated raisins, and etc.

You can buy trail mix from the supermarket and online stores, however, most of them are loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients. So to make sure that you’re trail mix is much healthier, you can try making this super yummy snacks right at your kitchen.

Make Trail Mix

How to Make Trail Mix

In order to make this healthy snack, you’ll be needing the following main ingredients:

  • Nuts – Raw nuts are the best. You can eat them raw or fried and roasted them if you prefer a salted one.
  • Seeds – Add some seeds on your trail mix, seeds have a lot of benefits too. Don’t add chia and flax seeds into it, because they’re so small. Sunflower and pumpkin seeds are the best option.
  • Dried Fruits – If you want your trail mix to taste sweet, add a little bit of sweet dried fruit on your mix. It can be raisins, cherries, cranberries or apricots. Don’t forget to sprinkle some sea salt on your mix to add a delicious taste on it.
  • Chocolate – Always avoid milk chocolate chips that are usually loaded with sugar. Remember, sugar is not healthy. Instead, you may use dark chocolate chips that have 70% cocoa.
  • Add-ons – You may use organic popcorn, rice crackers, or oats to add some fun. Avoid using add-ons that have a lot of artificial ingredients on it. It is best if you stick on the organic one.

Mix and Match Detailed Ingredients

  • 1 cup of raw almonds
  • ¾ cup raw cashew nuts
  • 5 raw chopped Brazil nuts
  • 2/3 cup raw pumpkin seeds (salted optional)
  • 1/3 cup raw sunflower seeds
  • 2/3 cup air-popped popcorn (salted optional)
  • 2 tbsp. unsweetened dried cherries and raisins
  • 2 tbsp. dark chocolate chips
  • Pinch of sea salt

Trail Mixing Instructions

Make sure that nuts and other seeds have the same size, chopped them to achieve this. Sprinkle some sea salt to dried cherries and raisins, and after that sprinkle some also on the trail mix. Lastly, combine all the yummy ingredients on a bowl and enjoy!

The mix can last up to 2 weeks in an airtight container, put them on the fridge if you prefer a chilled trail mix.

What are drug rehab programs?

drug rehab program

Drug rehab alludes to a wide range of therapeutic and psychotherapeutic medicines for psychoactive substance reliance. The essential expectation of rehabilitation is to guarantee that patients stop substance maltreatment so as to maintain a strategic distance from lawful, mental, social, monetary and physical results of extraordinary maltreatment.

Tending to psychological dependency by drug rehab programs

Many drug rehabilitation projects need to manage the difficulties of mental reliance. For the most part, patients are instructed new strategies for relating with other individuals and the earth so as to guarantee they flourish in drug free environment. They are urged to cut ties with companions who still maltreatment drugs, drug venders and any exercises that may lessen their determination to jettison drug misuse. In Twelve-advance Programs, for instance, addicts are urged to avoid the two drugs and propensities that identify with addictions. Most projects additionally stress that changeless recuperation is a procedure without zenith; consequently, promising addicts to invest more energy to surrender compulsion notwithstanding when there are false begins.

drug rehab program

Sorts of drug rehab programs

There an assortment of drug rehabilitation programs, from private treatment, outpatient, expanded consideration centers, neighborhood care groups, calm houses, emotional well-being, enslavement guiding to orthomolecular prescription. A few projects are much sexual orientation or age explicit. Viable treatment projects will likewise concentrate on an assortment of requirements of who is addicted as opposed to concentrating on dependence alone.

For the most part, drug rehab projects will keep running from detoxification, prescription (if pertinent), social treatment and backslide counteractive action. The projects will more often than not concentrate on the emotional well-being and restorative needs of someone who is addicted and line up each treatment with emotionally supportive networks, for example, family-based or network based help. In all the rehab programs, patients are spurred and bolstered to guarantee that they endure to recuperation. Dependence on some physician recommended drugs can be treated by organization of different drugs. For example, buprenorphine and methadone are successful in getting dependence remedy sedatives. Then again, dependence on medicine stimulants and benzodiazepines is viably treated through social treatments.

Conduct therapy drug rehab

There are various kinds of social approaches. Intellectual social treatment causes the addicts to recognize, keep off and adapt to a wide range of circumstances that open them to backslide. Inspirational talking is formed to spur patients to enter treatment, change conduct and hold fast to restorative approaches. In conduct drug rehab marketing accentuation is put on critical thinking procedures. The addicts are enabled to perceive their concern and work with advisors to defeat their issues. Conduct advisors investigate someone who is addicted conduct before creating functional models for managing the junkie, family and network to defeat the fixation.

What are the reasons to buy used car?

used cars in fresno

Buying a new car is really a necessary factor and each one will dream about buying it. But new car is not the perfect choice that makes you drown with loan sharks. This will not help you in molding you life through smoother path. There are various other options to get dream car but one should find the safer way. The dream catching action should not lead to falling in tangles. To help those people who want to buy car within budget, it is better to get used cars in fresno. There are also various other reasons that makes a person to prefer choosing used cars. Those are,

  • used cars in fresnoSave money

If you are buying used car, then it is obvious that you will be able to save lots of money. The exact fact is based on budget and the depreciation. New cars are found around the market with lots of budget and each data is provided to have most of the obvious options. Even though the cars are found in limit, it is always expected to have faster depreciation than the second hand cars. The paper works are the drive towards higher budgeting in every final rate. These kinds of works are less for used cars and people prefer buying this to save lots of money. Even though they comprise with second hand, they can find good value for what they pay.

  • Reliability

Even if you buy first hand car, you need to check with test drive and then get the car. This means the car will be in used condition even before you start to drive out to your place. Thus some brands restrict driving out cars out from showroom with paying the whole lot money. So if there is any error with car after purchase, people need to get repaired and they cannot replace the new one. So in this circumstance, reliability is not assured. But with used cars, you can check full working before you pay. This means there are lots of factors you can use that helps in finding reliable cars with proper working.

  • Vehicle history

If you are planning to buy second hand car, you have to check through all the provider car history and find essential information through report. There are various history checks mandatory and those are

  • Number of pre-owned owners
  • Registration status
  • Accident and other natural disasters
  • Mileage validation

Find the Trucks for Your Cargo Transport Needs and Qualities You Have To Look For In A Rental Equipment Company

Cargo Transport

If you are in the industry of transporting goods and cargo, then you must have a truck that can meet the demands of your business. You will not have to worry where you should find or rent a good truck for your business’ needs since Strongbox is on the rescue! Below are the different types of trucks available where you can choose from when transporting goods:

  • Semi-trailer truck – it is the most popular among all kinds of trucks as they are capable to cater the most of your transportation needs, it is suitable for transporting your cargo.
  • Straight truck – this kind of truck can carry cargo on the same chassis and the power unit, but the items can be only loaded from the back. This truck is being used for transporting items while moving from one place to another like pieces of furniture and other smaller items.
  • Jumbo trailer truck – this is the kind of truck recommended to use if an individual is planning to transport voluminous goods since it is an upsized version of a semi-trailer truck.
  • Tail lift truck – this is a heavy-duty equipment kind of truck since it is being used for the distribution transport of goods.
  • Truck trailer – this kind of truck allows items to loaded and unloaded faster since it has one of the largest loading volumes.
  • Flatbed truck – it is a truck that only has a flat level bed with no sides or roof, it is an ideal truck for transporting oversized goods or transport a fleet of cars from one place to another.
  • Lowboy trailer – this is an unpowered truck used to transport tall items.
  • Refrigerated trailers – equipped to transport frozen or chilled products since it features a temperature controlled unit that allows you to control the temperature inside the trailer.

rental equipment company

What you need to look for in a rental equipment company

  • A wide range of equipment – Look for a rental company that offers not only the equipment you need today but can provide those you will need in the future.
  • Tracking software – a good rental equipment company allows you to track your rented equipment and provide you with full transparency into how it is being deployed in the field.
  • Advanced reporting – you should always consider dealing with a rental company that can provide reporting systems that will allow you to analyze your equipment usage as this can tell you how much you are using the equipment and compare to what you’re paying for it.

Search and talk to your chosen rental company about your needs and what equipment or transportation truck can help you be more efficient in your business.

Why You Should Take A Fascia More Seriously

Fascia blasting

Fascia blasting is one of those alternative measures in reducing pain and minimizing cellulite. As you have already known by now, the body has this lining that separates the organs, muscles, and the skin. Its called a fascia. It holds everything together in its layer and it also acts as a conductor of signals that are channeled in the various parts of the body. Based on its definition, no one would think otherwise that this is also one of those things that makes people unhealthy.

It’s not that surprising to know that many people don’t know that some of their health problems are actually related to their fascia. Because most doctors don’t as well (if not all). That’s why its a bit hard to believe that a person by the name of Ashley Black, a person that has no medical background would discover that the fascia can indeed affect you.

Why the fascia: The thing about the fascia is that it’s a soft tissue, it’s not fat, its made up of collagen, fibrous connective tissues and so on, depending on what type of fascia it is. Although it’s stretchable, it’s not all flexible. Most people think that their discomfort and stiffening is because of their muscles, not knowing that a fascia can also be a factor to that. It can be a simple discomfort to a debilitating one that can even go as high as a pain scale of 10. That’s why its highly advised that if there is a discomfort that you feel, and it affects your ADL (activities of daily living), its highly advised that you seek medical attention.

highly specialized massaging device

Fascia blasting: Fascia blasting was devised by Ashley Black, basically is a way of massaging one’s own muscles (affected areas) to stretch the fascia, massages it that relieves pain and even moved the cellulite to make the massaged part firmer. It uses a highly specialized massaging device called a fascia blaster and it can be done anywhere and any time. In fact, the process is very simple and cheap that doing it often can actually save you a few trips to the doctor, prevent further injuries, help relieve pain and make the body have shaped and firmer.

The fascia is probably one of the most underrated parts of the body. Simply because it can easily be set aside not realizing that if it’s not healthy can actually cause discomfort just like what Ashley Black experienced. She opened up the fact that the fascia is actually more important than most people think, including the medical professionals. If she never realized this she would have never been able to recover and share what she had discovered.