Easy ways to earn while travelling the world

Traveling three weeks next summer is nice, but how about leaving for a few months or years? We have selected some jobs that will allow you to make money on the other side of the world and stay a little longer. Even your whole life!

  1. Make pretty bracelets

It’s time to take advantage of your artistic talents developed in summer camps. Find a corner with lots of tourists, make bracelets in the morning and spend your afternoons selling them. They are here to spend money, enjoy!

  1. Take a dip

You know how to wash plates? You are therefore qualified to dive in any restaurant. You will not see much sun during your service, but it will pay the bills!

  1. Work on the farm

Everywhere in the world, we grow fruit and vegetables or raise animals. Picking apples in Australia, harvesting in Italy or looking after cows in Argentina, the possibilities are almost endless.

  1. Give lessons

The mere fact of speaking other language is an asset in many countries. Millions of people are learning French abroad and you just need to talk to them for a small fee, nothing very complicated.

  1. Take pictures

With a good camera and a little rigor, you can make money by taking pictures abroad. Whether for a wedding, a hotel or the institutional. Again, being a foreigner can be an asset.

  1. Become a cook

Ah French cuisine! Adulated around the world, knowing how to cook different cuisines is a sought-after skill. No doubt your cooking skills will be a hit abroad. You can learn more about how people earn while travelling from several Travel Blog.

  1. Do you improvise yourself translator

The French are not the most gifted in foreign languages ​​and often they need translations during their travels. If you are fluent in English and / or the local language, you can easily find assignments in translation.

  1. Become a diving instructor

In the corners where diving is one of the major attractions, you will always find a Frenchman who works in a diving center. If this is something that you plug, with a little experience and good diplomas, in 6 months you can work in the most beautiful places in the world.

  1. Work as a server

A great job par excellence, you can be hired as a server all over the world. Some rudiments of the local language will be useful to not fool you in the orders.

  1. Bend into a youth hostel

If you speak several languages ​​and enjoy contact with people, you can easily work in a youth hostel. At the reception, you will help the tourists and you will be full of meetings!