Remove All The Water From Compressed Air – Reach The Lowest Dew-Point

ingersoll rand desiccant dryer

Reaching the dryest compressed air is very possible by investing ingersoll rand desiccant dryer. It can remove all the excess water from the compressed air. So, reaching the lowest possible dew-point is can be done with this device. The desiccant compressed air dryer utilizes a special material that is called desiccant, it dried out the compressed air. A desiccant is made of a material which water likes it very much. The water will then sticks to the desiccant surface. Every once in a while, the desiccant has to be “regenerated” or dried in order to remove the water again. The desiccant is utilized to have the substantial possible surface. This desiccant will be used in the form of thousands of small beads. There are 2 types of desiccant that often used are activated alumina and silica gel.

Drying or regeneration of the desiccant

The single-stage air compressors are best-suited for a small shop owner or a contractor. It has features including:

  • Cast iron compressor pump
  • Duty cycle rating
  • Operating life of minimum 5, 000-hour pump

Drying or regeneration of the desiccant

The user should know some basic function of the desiccant dryer. This makes the user aware of the capability of the device, and its functionality. In this way, a user can be able to operate it the right way, with the assurance of not getting damaged easily. Once the desiccant is completely done its job, it absorbs all the water from the compressed air. Also, it is saturated with water, it can no longer hold more water. All the water must be eliminated or dried out to re-use the desiccant. This is the process called regeneration. The regeneration process happens in one of the 2 towers of the air dryer – the one that is not functioning. Here are the 2 two ways that the desiccant can be regenerated:

  • By dried compressed air
  • By hot air. This is a method where a separate system consists of a fan with an electric heater. It blows the hot air to dry through the desiccant.

desiccant dryer

Ingersoll rand comes with various models of the desiccant dryer, it includes:

  • 3Hp, 135 PSI Max, 60 Gallon Verticle Tank,
  • 5Hp, 135 PSI Max, 60 Gallon Veticle Tank, 230/1/60 Voltage
  • Start-up Kit

Users should know how this brand of desiccant dryer gives a good performance. There is also no problem on how to use the dryer, it is easy to operate. In fact, there is a manual which will give all the steps on how to operate, this is good for the beginner user.