What are the different roles of Club


The club plays several roles because of the diversity of motivations that motivate those who are at the origin (eg to practice a sport, to help people in difficulty, to express local interests). The CRATE CLUB  can play a role mainly for its members, or the whole of society.

We can distinguish Some main functions fulfilled by the associations:

Sharing of leisure among members: sports associations, associations of chess players, wine lovers …;

Defending the interests of members: association of tenants, parents of students, people suffering from a specific disease … These associations can be lobby groups, lobbies ;

Charitable, humanitarian role: associations helping others, be it at the neighborhood level (remedial classes), a city (food distribution ), whole country or even foreign countries (development aid associations, or medical aid like “Doctors of the World”);

expression, dissemination, and promotion of ideas or works: these may be democratic principles (Amnesty International, League for Human Rights, etc.), political ideas (political parties are associations), artistic creations (theater, concert hall

How to register for a reading club?

To become a member of a reading CRATE CLUB  simply fill out a dedicated form. Normally membership is free, but some clubs offer an entrance fee to later organize meetings with publishers or writers or to offer various activities to entertain members.

The choice of reading theme or book

Once the discussion is closed on a book or a specific theme, it is customary to propose the new book to read. This is done by vote or by a lot. While most book clubs require a book to read, many clubs prefer to vary the fun by imposing a theme or author. And it will be the turn of each member to talk about the book he has chosen and read without revealing the plot or spoil the surprise to those who have not read the book yet.