Raw Cashews Health Benefits And Why These Are  Good For You

raw cashews

Nuts are nutritious and they have health benefits to the body. And one of the most popular and delectable nuts are cashews. These kidney-shaped nuts are originally sourced from the tropical tree native to Brazil, cashew trees. But now, they are widely cultivated in different parts of the world that has warm climates.

Nutrients Found in Cashews

One of the major benefits that you can enjoy with cashews are the goodness that you can you get from this nutrient-packed nuts. So here’s a short list of nutrients that you can get from roasted, ground, and raw cashews for your reference:

  • 9 grams of carbohydrates
  • 157 calories
  • 67% of your Daily Value of copper
  • 12 grams of fat
  • 1 gram of fiber
  • 20% of the Daily Value of Magnesium
  • 5 grams of Protein
  • 15% of the Daily Value of Zinc

Can Be Part of Any Diet

raw cashews

It is very easy to add cashews to whatever diet plan you are following. In fact, they can be eaten raw or roasted. It can be on its own as a snack, or can be added to any dishes you are making once you grind it. Some are also making cashews into butter, which is another good way to add to your diet. This versatile nut is definitely a great addition to your diet. For best nutrients, choose dry roasted or raw-unsalted varieties of cashew products.

Cashew Nuts For Weight Loss

Another benefit of eating cashew nuts is to help those who want to lose weight. Even though it has been traditionally advised to limit nuts consumption in the diet if you want to lose weight, research have recently started to link nuts to help with weight loss. To better take advantage of this capability of cashew nuts, it is advised to roast or grind them to be fully digested and fully increase the amount of calories that the body can absorb.

Improve Heart Health

Nuts are effective in improving heart health. Diets that are rich in nuts have always been linked to reduce the risk of having heart diseases and stroke. Cashew appears to have benefits to lower blood pressure levels, cholesterol, and triglycerides. Still, more studies needs to be done to strengthen these conclusions.

Possibly Benefit Type-2 Diabetes Patients

People who are living with type-2 Diabetes may also benefit from eating cashews. Simply because cashews, like other nuts, are a good source of fiber. This nutrient helps prevent the blood sugar levels to spike. Fiber is also believed to provide protection against this disease. Remember that cashews are low in sugar and very rich in fiber. And when combined, they may help reduce the blood sugar levels.

Cashews – Is It Safe to Eat?

Like other nuts, cashews are considered safe to eat. But if you want to take advantage of its benefits to the fullest, purchase them raw and unsalted, then soak them before eating. Also, for its antioxidant properties, dry roasting is the best way to go. The bottom line is, cashews are packed with nutrients that is good for the body. So do not be afraid to eat them, unless you are allergic to nuts.