The intriguing tale of gold bars that people always wants to know about

Gold bars are probably one of the more obvious gold there is, the most heaviest and the most common ones found or stored in gold reserves. This is even the subject of movies about thieves on stealing bars made out of pure gold. Make no mistake though, gold bars are heavy and that might probably be one of the reasons alone that they are hard to steal.

If you do sell one, it does raise a lot of suspicion on where you got it from. Because law-abiding shops that buy gold will not buy stolen ones, because they know any minute or any day the FBI will smash their door, damage their stuffs and get the gold.

Capacity: most shops doesn’t have the capacity to melt that much gold in their usual containers. Make no mistake these golden bars aren’t currencies and pretty much being used for trade or to pay debts. These things are sadly made to be kept and that’s it

Stealing it: It can’t see the light of day because even if a gold bar is heavy people will still think that it’s not that heavy. Stealing it does need a great deal of sophistication, cunningness and equipments which most burglars does have. (and I’m not the one that will tell you how).

You can only imagine how much gold are melted just to make one and the time and effort to make many of it. Back in World War II, when the Japanese invaded the Philippines and the war was nearly over there had been many treasures that had been buried to make sure that the Americans will not find it and still has been one of the tales that you will hear from eager treasure hunters that are still looking for those treasures till this day and one of the things that they are hoping to find are those bars made of gold. Don’t get it wrong, it wasn’t just tall tales because there had been a few that got discovered over the years.