The Best Pepper Spray that You Should Buy

Best Pepper Spray

Personal safety is important when you step out of your home. Having a pepper spray is a great option to begin with your safety measurements. However, even if you have heard or made use of it, have you ever calculated the time it takes to shoot a single burst?

When it comes to pepper spray, like Rocky Balboa said, “It’s not the size of the sprayer that matters, it’s the speed of sprayer that matters”. Hence, while buying a pepper spray you should focus on the one which is lightweight, easy to carry, tiny in size, effective and long-range control.

having a keychain pepper spray

The spray which suits the above features is keychain pepper spray.

Why is keychain pepper spray better?

Keychain pepper spray is a prevailing product among all spays because:

  • It is a light-weightproduct compared to traditional sprays
  • It is Small sized which can be handled just in your palm
  • It helps with fast-reflexes unlike taking much time with traditional sprays
  • It gives numerous bursts in a short span
  • Easy portability

The keychain pepper sprays from PepperFace are exclusive. It is a one of a kind spray produced by them and it is known for its efficiency and effectiveness. It’s incredible as easily accessible during the hazardous situation. As in the cases of women harassment, street robberies, and rapes are exponentially increasing, it’s safe for women to have pepper spray all the time.

Advantages of having a keychain pepper spray

  • It keeps away the assailant from attacking you or even being in the touching distance after sprayed on
  • It can burst up to as long as 8-12 feet within seconds
  • It doesn’t affect the sprayer even if you handle with naked hands
  • You require no prior training to use this spray
  • It’s better than using illicit guns or ammunition


As mentioned before, keychain pepper spray can reach as long as 10 feet. So, when the assaulter approaches you, take a shot from around 8-10 feet distance. Hold it tight and make use of the thumb to press the knob. Always aim at the eyes of the assailant, if in case he has put shades, aim for the complete face and shoot. After you accomplish the task, take care of your attacker or call the cops to get hold of the subject.

You may already have a keychain pepper spray. If not, just visit the PepperFace website and purchase the choice of your spray from out of 9-color customized pepper sprays that are made of real Swarovski Crystals.