Availability of pepper sprays

Availability of pepper sprays

The huge demand of pepper sprays led to the effective growth in its availability throughout the world. Its usage and its effects do not cause negatively and leads to a mild injury and health related issues. When it is sprayed on the face, it affects the face, nose and eyes immediately but with mild effects only.  Moreover here you can buy pepper spray at online stores frequently.

pepper spray patterns

Let’s focus on some of the places where you get number of pepper sprays;

Consider superstores, here you can buy pepper spray at reasonable prices only. Superstores like Wal-mart where you can find at least one pepper spray option. Similarly outdoor sporting goods stores, where it offers number of pepper spray products in different models.

Let’s talk about pepper spray patterns:

  • Forced cone: This spray is effective for the situations where the attacker is going to observe you from far distance and then wants to attack you at the right moment. If you are aware of this situation before or if you already know the attackers vision, you can use this kind of spray from your point direct to attacker. As this spray works out well within ranges a distance of approximately 12 feet from you to attacker.
  • Broken stream: It is also an effective one where it spraying work out within ranges of up to 20 feet approximately.
  • Fogger: It also ranges up to20 feet of spraying capability. It works out very well when number of attackers hits you at a point.
  • Foam: It works out well at windy conditions compared to broken stream, fogger, and forced cone. As the above three patterns will effectively works on more during strong wind conditions.

All the pepper patterns usually carries out easily to any location and works very efficiently as they do. But the only drawback is, it does not work out on the attackers those who consume alcohol and drugs. It even does not work well during rainy or watery conditions.


In order to safeguard women, the origination of pepper spray usage especially key chain pepper sprays is effectively used today.