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Underestimating the ZPIC audits is the most dangerous thing in any way. Most clients contact their lawyers from ZPIC Audit Attorney more than occasionally having their request to help them out with some Medicare investigation that is a candid consequence of mishandling the ZPIC audit. Those kinds of clients submitted bad files without seeking frequently any legal advice and just trying to negotiate with the law enforcement and CMS about their particular files. The majority of these costs and investigations could rather an avoiding by choosing the best and qualified lawyers to carry out the initial part of the said audit.

Awareness of the Purpose of the ZPIC Audits

The ZPIC Audit’s ultimate purpose is to investigate fraud, abuses or waste as being part of an effort to bring or build back the integrity of the federal health care system. Among any other matter, a ZPIC may conduct an investigation of a health care company for these reasons:

  • Not rendering the billing for services
  • Duplicate billing
  • Offering, soliciting or accepting kickbacks for patient referrals
  • The altering of records and claims to acquire higher reimbursement rates

Mostly, the providers are not selected randomly. A ZPIC audit typically starts as a result of the difference of considered factors.

The Act of Intervening by the U.S Attorney’s Office

For instance, the ZPIC may make use of the data analysis to determine the billing trends or a huge frequency of egregious services as compared to national or local patterns. Such former employees or the employees are the whistleblowers that have their rights or may file a legal complaint about business practices. The law enforcers agencies or other government contractors can be able to refer a specific healthcare provider to a ZPIC for audit based on distrustful practices. It is mostly recommended that any legal counsel should be enlisted to assist in this particular process. The ZPICs have ample authority and operate with an important amount of judgement. As a result, it is very significant to respond to any ZPIC audit with precision and care.

Some Significant Skill-set

The ZPIC audit recommendation is not really part of a regular lawyer’s daily routine basically. There is a real danger of contributing some mistake information or obviously bad documents and not only are the underlying rules of the most complex. Based from some various experience encountered by the Department of Justice as former health care fraud prosecutors, we know exactly how fast is an innocent response to a subpoena released by the government or an audit request that can surely get the attention of the U.S Attorney’s Office.


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