Four of the most important tips to remember when you buy a granite countertop

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One of the most sought after countertop material for household kitchen is the granite countertop; however, despite its popularity, there are still a lot of homeowners that are left confused when it comes to the right selection of the proper granite slabs that are ideal for different kitchen requirements.

Adding more confusion is the 200 different colors and selections that you can choose in the market today and each of these types is equally beautiful and ideal for your kitchen. However, you should consider that there certain types of granite countertops that are suitable for your kitchen.

Before you choose a Granite Selection for your kitchen countertop, you should do some little research first to find out which one exactly fits your kitchen design considering that there is a myriad of choices that will surely leave you overwhelmed. To help you out, you can follow these three simple, but very effective tips in choosing the right granite countertop for your kitchen.

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  1. Select the granite slabs personally- Granite is a rock piece that is processed after it is mined from a mountain, and it’s color changes over time, as well as its concentration and its density depending on the part of the mountain that is quarried. You can examine some samples by seeing it personally before you even decide to purchase one so that you can always reserve your final approval on choosing the right granite slab for your kitchen.
  2. Always consider the resin-treated slab– The granite slab during the processing applies polyester or acrylic resin to its surface as what the majority of quarries do. This kind of process closes most of its open pores and it is an important feature for slabs that have lighter colors. There are some colors like the darker variants that are so dense that the resin will not even soak in. It is important that you should choose that is coated with resin because it coats the combination with the regular application of the sealer that relatively removes any staining issues of the granite countertops.
  3. Request for a support cradle for the under-mount sink– There are some fabricators that can simply glue the under-mount of your sink at the bottom of the granite with an epoxy, however, this will not hold for a longer period of time and could fall off especially if there are many things that are mounted on the countertop. Make sure that the cradle can be screwed to a cabinet so that the sink can sit on the cradle firmly and prevent it from falling.
  4. Choose a reputable granite countertop supplier– Before anything else, you have to choose a company that supplies top-quality granite countertops through reading online customer reviews, through recommendations, and other sources that validate the company’s reputation when it comes to supplying granite countertops in your area. Although fake granite slabs are not that rampantly being sold in the market, it would be great for you to have a peace of mind to follow this tip always.