Passing the seemingly impossible drug test

Passing the seemingly impossible drug test

Of course it can be considered quite normal for people to let loose during the weekends after a stressful week of work. This “letting loose” usually involves a lot of booze, partying, and often times recreational drugs. While you might be having fun during the weekend, your boss might have just thought of surprising everybody at work come Monday and what better surprise than a drug test due the following week, and not just any drug test, a hair follicle drug test.

Of course, while a standard drug test might surprise the blue collar functioning pothead, a hair follicle drug test might send them into a state of panic. Why? Because the hair follicle drug test is a seemingly impossible test to pass, even for seasoned smokers who regularly ace urinalysis drug tests which is why a lot of these blue collar pot smokers constantly ask “how to pass a hair drug test for weed”. Thankfully due to the persistence and dedication of a few unsung heroes in the scene, there is but one successful way to pass.

how to pass a hair drug test for weed

The science behind the horror

Unlike typical drug tests wherein the lab tests urine samples for THC, the hair follicle drug test takes it a step further by not searching for traces of THC but by looking for its metabolites, specifically THC-COOH. The lab only needs 1.5 inches of your hair starting from the root to determine whether or not you’ve been using marijuana or not.

What can this 1.5 inch sample tell the lab? They can identify your pot smoking activities for the past 90 days or roughly around 3 months although some labs might scare you by saying that they can discover up to a year or even more of marijuana usage. As you can see, there is fairly good reason why marijuana users fear this type of drug test.

Easy home solutions?

While there are a lot of “suggested” home remedies one can try, there are no records whether or not these “home remedies” are successful or not. One home remedy is to bleach your hair then dye it and then repeat for 5-6 times. While this may get you frizzy and damaged hair, the THC metabolite in your follicles won’t go away and you end up with damaged hair and a failed drug test result. As of now, there are no home remedies that are documented to be successful against the hair follicle drug test.

You only resort

There is but one thing you can do to avoid failing the hair follicle drug test, which is by doing the “Macujo Method” wherein it involves a lot of different chemicals and specific shampoos and a lot of mixing and rinsing for a duration of up to 7 days for best results. This is the only successful solution that has been recorded and a lot of individuals who have tried this method have passed the seemingly impossible follicle test.

The Macujo Method is probably the most effective solution to passing the hair follicle drug test with a 90% success rate for everybody who has tried the method. The remaining 10% were well… probably too high to either understand the instructions or too high that they made fatal errors when doing the method.