Benefits of Tooth Replacement


If you have suffered loss of teeth due to illness, damage or normal wear, you will be interested to read this article. Deciding to replace missing tooth Singapore can have many important benefits. When you finish reading, you will understand more about the benefits of chewing, a pleasant appearance, a better ability to speak and the positive effect of your new teeth on your self-esteem.


Lack of teeth affects chewing or chewing. The teeth in the mouth developed, creating a unique and integral surface for the destruction and grinding of food. The lack of teeth leaves gaps that can hinder the effective breakdown of certain types of food.

Kind of

Aesthetics is a big problem with the lack of teeth, especially when the culprit is in front of the mouth or is easily visible when smiling. Even with the mouth closed, the space left by the extracted tooth can cause dents on the face.

Speak and pronounce

Depending on where the teeth are missing, you may have trouble pronouncing certain words. This is due to the fact that, for the correct formation of certain sounds and parts of our speech, our languages ​​work together with our teeth, forming forms for the passage of sound.

Self esteem

Probably, the main reason why people want to replace their extracted teeth is because they have a bad attitude towards their appearance. Modern society can be quite cruel and inexorable for people whose appearance differs from the norm. If you feel marginalized due to lack of teeth, it may be time to make an appointment with your dentist or surgeon to discuss prostheses or implants.