The ideas you need to know about movie pass

The movie pass is the buffet style of movies on the screen. It all began in 2011 they created a subscription-based movie. With the falling attendance at the theaters. They saw the potential to modernize the theater industry to gain people without changing its experience. It started with a basic model. The subscribers pay $29 up to $34 per month. It will depend on what location you are in and they will have access to the 2-D film every day for the whole month.

You must buy tickets early

It requires you to go to a physical theater to buy a ticket. Going to a primetime showing of a popular movie to buy some tickets then it is not a great idea. You need to go to the theater early in the morning of the showing date to buy your ticket.

Doing a standard check

The app depends on the data feeds the lists of shows. This means some things can go wrong once something happens to the feeds. If you go to the theater and you did not see your show that is listed on the app. Then you can do a standard check using the customer service chat in the application. You can also visit Ted Farnsworth.

  • Go to your Moviepass and open it
  • Go to the top-left hamburger menu
  • Find and click the Help & Feedback
  • Click the contact support

You need to tell them what is happening so that they can assist you quickly and let you buy your ticket.

Check the show at another place

And since you are talking about the data feeds it is always a good idea to check on the other Moviepass app. The app is not always exact. You need to double-check the lists are the same on the website before you go to the theater.

You did not remember your Moviepass card?

You are unable to remember where your card is. You need to check if you can buy an e-ticket using your Moviepass app. Other theaters do not support e-ticket purchases. And none of it worked. You can reach out to their customer service using the app. They may be telling you to buy your ticket using your money and they will reimburse it later. You can take a photo of your movie stub and also the receipt and send it to them later. You don’t need to foresee unless you were told to buy a ticket using your money. You need to contact them first.