Use of Amortization Calculator and Schedule

amortization schedule calculator with extra payments

Getting a loan is one big commitment. You have to make timely payments each month and loan term can run for some years or decades. With the help of calculator amortization schedule with extra payments you can figure out the regular loan payments & can create the detailed payments schedule. This will help you in many ways, but before we go in detail, let us first check out how amortization works?

How Does Amortization Work?

The traditional mortgage with fixed rate of interest has got the fixed payment. First, majority of your payment will be for the interest, and little money for paying down the principal. With time, ratio between the interest & principal may get smaller and reversed.

For such reason, the higher your term, more interest you are going to pay. The common terms of mortgage are 15 year and 30 year. You have to pay huge money in the interest with 30 year of term compared to 15 year of mortgage term.

amortization schedule calculator with extra payments

Combine Various Strategies

You must consider refinancing for getting the lower interest rate, but not the shorter-loan term. After that, apply on what you will save in the interest payments or extra payments you may afford for paying off the principal just by making additional payments every month. The interest rates have to be much lower when refinancing than they were while you got a loan, otherwise refinancing is the bad choice. It is tough to predict the right time for refinancing, as the market is changing constantly, but the financial planner & refinance calculators can help you select the best time for refinancing.

Final Words

Determining which mortgage you may afford must not alone be left on a lender If you like an idea of the shorter amortization so you will pay less interest & own your house—but cannot afford higher payments—think of looking for the home in the lower range.