Pros & Cons of Eyelash Extensions

A simple lash of hair that grow at the edge of the eyelid is an eyelash whose function is to protect the eyes from the small particles such as dirt, sand from harming and entering the eye. As one of the universal sign of beauty, healthy and long looking eyelashes make you to look even more beautiful. Technology today offers many options to have beautiful and lush lashes. Eyelash enhancers in the form of cream or gel that come in small tubes have to be applied twice in order to promote the growth. Apart from eyelash enhancers, people generally prefer to go with eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions became a popular procedure even in basic salons.

Lash extensions that resemble eyelashes which are applied by professionals using glue in order to look like natural eyelashes are eyelash extensions. The most common eyelash extensions include the materials like:

  • Mink which is softest and lightest is said to be the best extension.
  • Synthetic lashes that have a dramatic look is the thickest and heaviest.
  • Synthetic silk extension as a common type holds a curl and is very dark.

Once selected, they are applied at a time using semi-permanent glue (specially formulated) that won’t harm the eye nor the natural lash. Lashes applied properly won’t fall out.

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Some of the advantages of eyelash extensions include:

  • They look natural depending on the type of eyelash you choose.
  • They last for about three weeks.
  • Add length and volume.
  • Look good on your face.

Disadvantages include:

  • The process of application is time consuming.
  • Chance of looking fake.
  • Duration (limited).

Be sure not to pull the extensions as they may cause damage to the natural lashes. The cleaner you keep your eyelash extensions the more longer they last as a beautiful eyelash is an important adjunct to the eye.