Check Out What Fascia Blaster Reviews Say About The Product

Fascia Blaster Reviews

One of the many annoying things for both men and women is cellulite. It shows up on several parts of the body, ruining the figure of our bodies. So here is a product that will help one deal with the nasty cellulite – Fascia Blaster.According to the Fascia Blaster Reviews, this product designed, by Ashley Black is a massage tool for myofascial tissue. Myofascial tissue, also called fascia is mostly made of collagen. It is a thin connective tissue that supports and protects the muscles and bones.The product aims to stimulate blood flow and decrease the appearance of cellulite arbitrarily. It glides across the skin without causing any tear.

Types of FasciaBlaster:

Ashley Black sells not only the massager but also the massage oil. It comes in several sizes and shapes. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Original
  • Mini 1 & 2
  • FaceBlaster
  • Nugget
  • PaddleBlaster
  • Big Daddy FasciaBlaster
  • PartyBlaster

Fascia Blaster Reviews

What are the claimed benefits?

  • It reduces pain in the joints
  • It helps in improving one’s flexibility
  • The joint function better
  • The blood circulation improves
  • One can observe an increase in muscle definition and performance

The Fascia Blaster reviews on several sites are mixed. According to some users, there was a visible improvement and the claims are true. However, some users quit the product after seeing the adverse effects of the product on their bodies such as inflammation and severe bruising.

In 2017, Ashley Black and her company were slapped with a lawsuit. The lawsuit included charges for false advertising and the reported injuries. In 2018, the case was transferred to a federal court.

Therefore, if one is interested in fascial manipulation, it would be better to consult a licensed massage therapist. If one is looking to target the cellulite, then it would be better to opt for proven cellulite treatments.